Do it yourself Finances FLOATING ACRYLIC FRAMES

For a whilst now, I&rsquove been keeping off on posting about our grasp bed room due to the fact of two matters: the curtains are far too short so I need to sew a strip on the base of each individual 1 and&hellip I didn&rsquot know what to do with the wall over the mattress. I&rsquom continue to dragging my feet with the curtains (sewing&rsquos haaaarrrrdddd), but&hellip I worship the new-and-enhanced wall in excess of the bed. I discovered these remarkable vintage map prints and was so pleased to hang them up!


I grabbed four maps for the master bed room: Washington, Providence, Brooklyn, and New York&hellip four metropolitan areas of significance to us! I didn&rsquot want a stable frame to get away from the elegance of these maps so&hellip I made a decision to get&nbspanother stab at floating acrylic frames. On a price range.

Products FOR FLOATING Frame

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  • standoff mounts
  • optional:&nbspgold spray paint
  • long #6 screws and anchors if essential
  • you&rsquoll require a narrow and extensive drill little bit to healthy inside of your standoff mount. I made use of&nbspthis 1&nbspfrom Dwelling Depot
  • Glue Dots
  • Acrylic. Lowes will cut acrylic for you&hellip I extra three inches to each dimension so these 18 x 24 inch maps meant my acrylic was minimize to 24 x 30. To cut Acrylic Print Near me , I utilised four sheets of acrylic and glued the artwork directly on to each and every sheet&hellip of course it will be a bit nicer to use just one sheet of acrylic on both aspect of the artwork, but it will include one more $fifty+ to the price of this project.
  • laser amount

    Step 1: SPRAY PAINT MOUNTING Components

    Spray paint your mounting hardware if you want it gold. (I suggest&hellip who&nbspdoesn&rsquot&nbspwant it gold, right?!)

    Suggestion: stick standoff mounts into an previous cardboard box for simple spraying


    Drill holes in your acrylic at each corner. To drill through acrylic, use painters tape on just about every aspect of the acrylic to continue to keep it from cracking. On a flat area with a skinny piece of wood or cardboard underneath, slowly and gradually use rising tension to drill all the way by means of your acrylic. (Make confident you go away the protecting sheet on the full time&hellip acquire it off just before hanging.)

    Step 3. Measure YOUR FRAMES

    Measure and mark where you will need to screw in your standoff mounts. Use the laser degree to make it simpler. (Think it or not, my frames are all level&hellip we just dwell in a historic residence without too lots of proper angles!)

    Move 4. Connect ACRYLIC MOUNTS&nbspTO WALL

    Connect the bottom of the standoff mounts. This is the place you&rsquoll need to have the particular drill bit. The screw goes as a result of the standoff mount into the wall so I desired a extended skinny bit to reach via the standoff mount to screw it in. Later you&rsquoll screw the cap on with the sheet of acrylic pinched amongst the cap the relaxation of the mount.

    Move five. GLUE ARTWORK Onto ACRYLIC

    Glue artwork onto your acrylic. This is where I&rsquom conserving funds by only working with 1 sheet of acrylic. BUT&hellip.because I&rsquom only making use of 1 sheet of acrylic, I wanted to adhere my prints immediately on to the acrylic. Keep this in brain when deciding on your artwork&hellip this system may well not be wonderful for any artwork of worth or relevance.&nbsp I utilised adhesive dots, but any kind of glue or tape must perform!

    Move 6. Attach&nbspARTWORK TO MOUNTS

    Screw the sheets of acrylic with maps adhered on to the standoff mounts.

    Congrats- you&rsquore accomplished!

    I appreciate how cleanse and easy a floating acrylic body is. I&nbspmade a single for the kids space&nbspin our outdated dwelling, but DIYd the hardware. I&rsquom thrilled by these standoff mounts and aside from the crooked ceiling, Really like how these get the job done in excess of our mattress. The maps make me pleased (as evidenced by the maps I have&nbsphanging all in excess of our household), but the floating acrylic frames in good shape the somewhat a lot more chic space that is coming with each other in our grasp bedroom. One particular action nearer to showing you the entire room!!

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