Software composed of thirteen products which gauge the impression from agreement on mate to your first affairs on the relationships

Software composed of thirteen products which gauge the impression from agreement on mate to your first affairs on the relationships

Childbearing Desire Questionnaire (CBQ) (Miller, 1995). Device comprising 47 products divided into a couple independent balances: Positive Childbirth Desire (PCM) and you may Negative Childbirth Determination (NCM). This new PCM level consisting of 27 circumstances brings a total PCM rating during the five categories, and therefore determine positive aspects of getting college students: (1) delights of being pregnant, delivery, and youth, (2) old-fashioned childbearing, (3) pleasure of increasing children, (4) effect requisite and you will connected, and (5) instrumental opinions. The fresh new NCM level include 20 products that provides a complete NCM get from inside the four categories, and therefore indicate down sides regarding childbirth: (1) discomforts while pregnant and childbirth, (2) adult concerns and you may concerns, (3) down sides out-of child care, and you may (4) adult stress. A good 4-section Likert-style of measure (4 = really, step 3 = moderate, 2 = absolutely nothing, 1 = not) is used for this function. The process of translation and you will type of your CBQ getting Brazil are performed of the Varas and you may Borsa (2019). The newest comparison of interior consistency try performed by the figuring the Omega coefficient ? (McDonald, 1999), plus the following show was basically located: PCM level (? = .96) and you may NCM size(? = .92).

Dyadic Opinion Size (DCS) (Spanier, 1976, adjusted because of the Hernandez, 2008). The scale showed a keen Omega coefficient ? (McDonald, 1999) regarding .89.

Tool developed for this browse, aimed at event socio-demographic and you may family advice, eg physical intercourse, decades, place of residence, income, training, profession, ong someone else

Positivity scale (PS) (Casio, Souza, Koller, & C). An enthusiastic eight-product device you to explores the brand new respondent’s self-confident opinion regarding the himself/herself and upcoming. The size demonstrated a keen Omega coefficient ? (McDonald, 1999) of .86.

I incorporated heterosexual Brazilians from both genders as well as over this out-of 18

Survey to your feel from religiosity (QER). Tool set up because of it data considering issues found in Miller and you will Pasta’s lookup (1995). It’s including half a dozen products which question the individuals participation inside the religious techniques as well as the analysis out of spiritual precepts for the daily life options. The size shown an enthusiastic Omega coefficient ? (McDonald, 1999) of.89.

Family unit members Service Impact Catalog (FSPI) (Baptista, 2005). Device composed of 42 items that determine three size of family support: (1) affective-consistent (AC) consisting of 21 facts, and that cover points away from esteem of your own expression out of passion one of members; (2) family relations version (FA) comprising thirteen items that rating in an upside down trends indicating its lack of version about category and you can curious negative thoughts towards nearest and dearest; (3) autonomy (A), consisting of 7 products that gauge the relationships regarding believe, liberty and privacy among users. This new FSPI things shown the next Omega coefficients (McDonald, 1999): Air-conditioning (? = .93), AF ( escort Murfreesboro TN? = .91) and you will A great (? = .85).

Faster Identity S) (Hauck Filho, Machado, Teixeira, Bandeira, 2012). Appliance composed of twenty five products that evaluate identity according to the Huge Four design: neuroticism (N), extroversion (E), socializing (S), conscientiousness (C), and you can transparency to tackle (OE). The latest RPMS points presented the second Omega coefficients (McDonald, 1999): Letter (? = .77), Age (? = .77), S (? = .73), C (? = .73) and you will OE (? = .61).

Research range. The participants were employed due to social networks, making use of the snowball techniques (Patton, 1990), where it referred the analysis on their colleagues. New difference from low-heterosexual anybody stems from that education towards the CM carried out with these groups (Blake ainsi que al., 2017; van Houten, Tornello, Hoffenaar, & Bos, 2020) indicate the need to were and you will problematize a collection of private and contextual details, and therefore target questions unique on their intimate minority updates, which were not sensed inside study. Analysis are compiled about via the online platform Surveymonkey, between .

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